The Longer Bio

I am native of Bombay (now called Mumbai), India. I did my undergraduate studies at Ramnarain Ruia College studying Statistics and Operations Research. After which I did post graduate course in Information Technology at Univ. of Mumbai. Just before graduating from college is around when, I decided to study Bioinformatics and decided to come to the US to pursue a Masters. I went to Marquette and the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Yes, that was quite the change to go from a bustling city by the sea to small city on the shores of Lake Michigan with great beer and friendly people.

After finishing up my Masters, I worked at the Kristal Lab, Dementia Research Service, Burke Medical Research Institute, a neurological research institute affiliated with Cornell Med. School in White Plains, NY.

I moved to Boston in 2007 as the Kristal Lab moved to Harvard/Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Our lab was initially part of the Dept. of Neurosurgery and since 2016 we’re part of the Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders, within the Dept. of Medicine. I was at the Kristal Lab until July 9, 2021 which was my last day, now taking a short break for the summer before starting my new job.

When not working at my desk or computer munging data, producing graphs and writing R code I like to cook, take photos and get the occasional hike in.

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